I knew from day one that this is a sport that I would love and practice for the rest of my life!
— Kurtis Taylor

Kurt Taylor

Black Belt

Head Instructor, Kurtis Taylor, owns and operates Cobra Jiu-Jitsu in Tuscaloosa, Al.  Kurtis earned his Black Belt in January of 2015. He is a driven, self directed individual who comes into the gym everyday with an intense passion for his work. He is an extremely effective teacher who always pushes others to better themselves. Kurt’s optimistic personality creates a welcoming and accepting environment among all the students, encouraging them to always build each other up. 

Kurt played middle linebacker and graduated from the University of West Alabama. After graduation, Kurt decided to move out to Dallas, Texas after accepting a position in the mortgage industry. While in Texas, he met his wife, Kourtney, and decided to settle down. Kurt and Kourtney now have 3 children, Kurtis Jr, Keeton and Kylie. After spending time in the business industry, Kurt lost motivation to get in the gym and began to put on unwanted weight. After watching UFC fights with a group of friends, they decided to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at a local gym ran by the legendary Professor Carlos Machado. Kurt said, “ I knew from day one that this is a sport that I would love and practice for the rest of my life! There were 145 lb guys that would wipe the floor with me and I weighed close to 250 lbs. Man, this type of martial arts really works!” Within 6 months Kurt was back in great shape and had lost almost 30 lbs. While at the gym, Kurt met his current teacher, Professor Eddie Ricardo. When asked about Eddie, Kurt said, “ In my opinion, Eddie is the best black belt that Carlos has ever trained and the best black belt I have ever rolled with. I received my Black Belt from Eddie in January of 2015.  Eddie trains regularly with great professional fighters such as, Jr. Dos Antos,  Anderson Silva, and both of the Nogueira brothers and is the best coach, mentor and friend you could ever ask for!”